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If you don't like the background and text colors on the site, use the Themes menu to choose from one of 12 different options. (Both Javascript and Cookies must be enabled for the Themes to work.)

Use the navigation icon (i.e. the compass image)(depicted as three horizontal lines) to toggle the display of the navigation menu. (If javascript is disabled, this icon will bring you to a page explaining the benefits of enabling it.)

As you scroll down the main page or one of the stories, the navigation menu (when displayed) will move to remain in view. You can disable this behavior by clicking the button that says “Menu, follow me.”

You can set a bookmark in any one of the stories so that it will automatically scroll to that position when you come back to the story. You can have one bookmark per story and you can reset or delete an existing bookmark as well. Javascript must be enabled and you must accept cookies for the bookmark to be stored on your machine. The bookmark is device-dependent, in other words your desktop will have no knowledge of a cookie you set on your cell phone or tablet and vice-versa. To set a bookmark:

  1. TapClick on a title to load a story.
  2. TapClick a place in the text.
  3. The next time you load that story you will be scrolled to your bookmark.
  4. TapClick again to reset or delete the bookmark.