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Steve Doyle

Steve Doyle is an award-winning writer whose poem “The Storm” won a third prize in the anthology In the Desert Sun published by the National Library of Poetry. His poem “Footprints in my Garden”, coupled with photography by Maria Touchette, won third prize at a juried art show put on by the Hudson Area Arts Alliance.

Some of Steve’s other poems have appeared in The Wayfarer's Journal, Residential Aliens and Flashes in the Dark. His poem “A Leprechaun’s Tale” appeared in Strange Worlds of Lunacy: The Galaxy’s Silliest Anthology available at Lyn Perry's storefront. “Attacking the Iron Horse” appeared in the western anthology A Fistful of Hollars available at Cyberaliens Press.

Steve’s short story “The Waking of the Dead” is included in Light at the Edge of Darkness an anthology of Biblical Speculative Fiction published by The Writers’ Cafe Press.

Early on, Steve was influenced by the masterful deduction of Arthur Conan Doyle’s great detective Sherlock Holmes, the excitement of Edgar Allan Poe’s horror, and the plot twists inherent in the tales presented by Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling.

With his short stories, Steve strives to blend supernatural elements into modern settings, thereby bringing the unbelievable into the realm of the believable.

Steve's most recent collection of short stories has been described by author Chris Jackson as “Sherlock Holmes meets Anne Rice.” He is currently seeking a publisher for The Casebook of the Paranormal Research Institute

He is an active member of “The Herscher Project”, an online group of artists and writers from all over the globe, and “The Lost Genre Guild”, writers dedicated to promoting Christian Speculative Fiction.

Steve lives with his wife, Susan, and two dogs in Marlborough, Massachusetts, where he is currently working on a novel of historical fiction which follows the Hammatt family from Colonial America at the time of the Revolutionary War to the end of the Civil War.