Feature Poem

In honor of the 70th anniversary of D-Day. This poem is a story of a man telling a story about a guy telling a story:

D-Day 1944

As we waited on ships not far from the shore
On D-Day Nineteen Hundred Fourty-Four
A young corporal sat right down
And told this tale as we gathered ’round:

*   *   *
Several years ago, as he sat in his favorite chair
We asked our father to tell of his time Over There.
He sat back for a moment stroking his chin.
When he leaned forward, his look was grim.

He said, “Back in Fourteen, the German High Command
Set forth a plan to rule the land.
On their way to France, through Belgium they tore
Setting off waves of the Great World War.

It was the sinking of our merchant ships
That brought the Americans into it.
So me and thousands of other Doughboys
To European shores were deployed.

Cantigny, Châtteau-Thierry and Belleau Wood
Were some of the places your father stood
Digging in trenches over his head
And trying not to wind up dead.

Bloody battles, those we fought.
World peace carried a heavy cost.
So many lives lost, so many men.
At least we’ll never have to do it again.”

*   *   *
Story finished, we gazed at the sand
And thought about the task at hand.
To stop the Germans, here were we
About to hit the beach at Normandy.

I’ve since forgotten that corporal’s name
But I remember his story, just the same.
As I look back on that fateful night
How I wish his father had been right.

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